18 February 2011

Doggone Good

The Sailor and I spent some time watching the Westminster Dog Show earlier this week. He's a dog person. I'm a cat person ...who could be a dog person, with a little commitment to being responsible for another being.

We weren't crazy about the Scottish Deerhound that won Best in Show, but we did see some good looking hounds. 

Neopolitan Mastiff

The Neo is so wrinkly and ugly, he's almost cute. Too big -- I mean massive -- and drools too much. Also known to be a bit aggressive.

How can you not love this guy? Despite their angry look, bulldogs are pretty docile. He's in the running for a possible pet.

This sweet little pup could go everywhere with me. I can even imagine his wardrobe...

One of our favorites was the Wirehaired Pointer Griffon. They're said to thrive on human companionship, which  makes them ideal family dogs. The Griffon also is supposed to be intelligent and desires to please its owners. How can you go wrong with that?

We probably won't be getting a dog any time soon, since the reigning Master of the House would most certainly be jealous and act out in ways that I can't even imagine. It gives us something to think about a few years down the road though.

Thanks to the Sailor for being accomodating of Murphy's lack of discipline. There's always some catch with a "Package Deal." I was lucky you were so blinded by love that you didn't read the fine print.

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