01 June 2017

Rabbit Rabbit and Green Spaces

Rabbit, Rabbit! Happy June 1st! I'm superstitious, and I'll try anything for a little luck.

What's the origin of Rabbit, Rabbit?

It's been awhile since my last post so I've got a whole bunch of random goodness to share soon! But let's start with some outdoor eye candy for today.

Again this year, we're still working to improve our lawn game. Never. Ending. Struggle. Because we have so many pine trees and so much shade, it's nearly impossible to grow grass. We hired a lawn service this year, which I thought would transform the yard into carpets of dewy blades that dance in the sunlight. No such luck yet!

I recently stumbled upon landscape architect Michael Derrig's work and found myself dreaming of grade changes, stonewalls, tranquil seating areas and woodland gardens in our yard. Take a look through Michael's portfolio over at Landscape Details and be transported to green spaces that couple intrinsic beauty with deliberate design in the most magical ways.

KDH Design Diary

White Flower Farm, one the best sources for all things outdoors, is featuring peonies this month. Lush and fragrant peonies are the highlight of any garden for me and bring about memories of my wedding bouquet. According to the Almanac's Meaning of Flowers (fun list to read!) peonies are said to represent a happy marriage and a happy life.

Sweet P, the Sailor and I visited a plant sale last weekend, so that's surely why I have plants, flowers and other vegetation on my mind. I have a few things that need to be re-potted and tended to this weekend, and I am anxious to get some vegetables in-- despite the fact that we spotted a deer and a brand new baby fawn in our back yard that are likely going to nosh on anything I'm able to grow.

What's on your agenda for the weekend???

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