10 February 2017

Sweet P at Eighteen Months

Happy half-Birthday Pippa! It's been a ball watching Pippa's skills and personality develop over the past few months. She is full of spunk and energy and love! Although she's been going through a shy phase where she only wants Mom and Dad during the past couple of weeks, she is quick to warm up and fill the room with her bright light. One moment, she will be reading her lift the flap books quietly, and the next she's tearing through her play area dumping bins or shoving her toys in her play kitchen. Most of the time, it's the latter! 

Pip is still having a blast and thriving at the KidzLodge with "Dess" (Jessica) and "Tay-tay" (Taylor). She is a social butterfly and loves making people laugh. The teachers have remarked how she is noisy, constantly chatting and shouting with enthusiasm. We attended her first parent-teach conference and she received a "report card" that said she has a big personality and is persistent and strong willed. We know where the persistent and strong willed parts come from! 

Pip is very curious about how things work and fit together. She's always inspecting objects and practicing her fine motor skills. Zippers have long been an obsession. Give the girl tupperware containers and tops, and she's sure to be entertained for at least 15 minutes! She is a sweet, loving girl who gives lots of hugs and kisses and enjoys snuggling before bedtime. 
We're thankful that she's a GREAT sleeper, typically snoozing between 10-12 hours a night. She still takes two naps on the weekends and will sleep between an hour and two hours each time. In the next phase of her life, we're going to have to wean her off the pacifier she uses at night. But she'll get to keep the plush Pout Pout fish that's become her "lovey."

Pippa weighs about 23 lbs. Her hair and teeth were slow to come in. But she finally has light brown locks, and she loves to brush her hair. She has a mouth full of teeth to enjoy her favorite foods— mint chocolate chip ice cream, M & Ms, pickles, avocado, black beans, cheese and anything with pasta sauce. 

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