27 March 2016


Sweet P at One Month

We kept the pediatrician busy this month! As I said last month, this daycare/germ thing is no joke- Poor Pippa was still struggling to get over her cold in early March when she came down with the stomach bug. And then she was hit with pink eye and a double ear infection! Pippa was out sick from Kidz Lodge a few days, but she did get to participate in some fun activities-- visiting the baby chicks in the kindergarten classroom, making footprint and hand print bunnies, taking buggy rides and practicing sign language for "more" and "all done."

Although weekends were low-key, focused on resting and recovering, Pippa went on her first hike and on a few outings with Mommy and Daddy this month. We hiked Pinnacle in the Adirondacks, and Pippa was very content looking around and being toted in the Baby Bjorn. We're excited to do more outdoor activities with her as the weather gets warmer, and Mommy is thrilled that daylight savings allows for more light to take walks around the neighborhood after work. One of Pippa's favorite places is the grocery store, where she loves people watching. 

At seven months old, Pippa weighs abo
ut 15 lbs and is fitting into 9-12 month clothing. We've been introducing purees slowly, but Pippa seems more interested in whatever Mom and Dad are eating. She continues to exhibit an independent streak and likes trying to feed herself by grabbing her bottle and spoon away from Mom and Dad. 


We were in a sweet spot with sleep a couple of months ago, but we struggled with it again around 6 1/2 months. After a couple of tough weeks, we finally transitioned Pippa from the Rock N Play into her crib. The pediatrician encouraged us to try modified sleep training about a week ago. Despite some initial tears (for both Pippa and Mommy), we’ve had great success! We had been rocking Pippa to sleep and using white noise to soothe her every night before bedtime. The routine took anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Within three nights, Pippa was going to sleep on her own with minimal fussing and sleeping for about ten hours. She still wakes in the early morning hours for a bottle and then goes back to sleep until it’s almost time to leave for daycare. 

Pippa’s sweet giggle is the best sound, and she gets lots of practice when Mommy and Daddy tickle her. She has learned her name and continues to “talk” all of the time. Pippa is most animated, kicking her feet and chatting away, whenever Lola walks into the room. As soon as Pippa hears Lola’s bell, she’s looking around the room for her fuzzy friend.
We’re looking forward to P starting to crawl soon- She’s trying really hard and most definitely will be mobile within the next month! And we can’t wait to share with you her latest photos from Ashley Brown (Coming soon!). 

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