26 February 2016


Sweet P at One Month

Poor Pippa spent most of this month sick with a very bad cold, but it didn't dampen her spirit. She's growing into a smiley, chatty and very active baby. Pippa now sits up on her own and loves to look around— she's especially interested in Lola! She's also entertained by grabbing her feet and mimicking sounds. True to her astrological sign (Virgo), Pippa is exhibiting signs of being very independent. Big girl is trying hard to hold her bottle without any help, and she sits and plays quietly with her toys on her own. 


Pippa has adjusted well to the YMCA Kids "Lodge" or daycare. She seems happy and is all smiles at drop-off. Mom and Dad are convinced she has real artistic talent, exhibited in the artwork she brings home. The fridge is now covered with paintings based on the themes of the week. So far, she's learned about arctic animals, flowers, weather and colors. 

The highlight of the month was taking a road trip to Washington, DC. Pippa was  an angel in the car and slept almost the whole way there and back. Our visit there was on the coldest weekend of the year, so our time outdoors was limited. No walking around the monuments this time, but we did wander around Georgetown and appreciated the balmy tropics room at the US Botanical Garden. 

Pippa loves to watch Mom and Dad eat and has started grabbing at our plates and utensils while sitting on our laps at the table. She's (usually) very well-behaved, and Mom and Dad have even been brave enough to finally take her out to "fancy" restaurants with real table linens and wine glasses. At the dinner table at home, we started giving Pippa tastes of solid food including butternut squash, bananas and rice cereal. She's not terribly excited about the food but loves sitting in her high chair. 

Pippa is a healthy 14.8 lbs. and 26 inches long. She looks more and more like her Daddy every day with bright blue eyes and light brown/blond hair. 

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