11 February 2015

Beach Bound

Just over a month ago, I finally convinced the Sailor that we need a tropical escape. When I was younger, my mom used to repeatedly remind me of the difference between "needs" and "wants." This tropical escape, my friends, is a NEED.

Like everyone else, I am SO over the snow, ice and cold weather. Yes, we do live in the Northeast, so it's to be expected. And it is very pretty the first few times it snows-- I get excited like a little kid all over again. But this. is. too. much. I would relocate to Texas or the Carolinas in a heartbeat if my love would agree to it. Anyway, just about a month ago, we booked a last minute getaway to the BVI's and departure day is nearly here! I couldn't be more excited!

We'll be staying on Tortola, the largest of the BVI's. Of course, we checked out the list of 91 Things to Do in Tortola. Just so we know the options, but honestly, I intend to do very little. Read, bask in the sunshine, nap, snorkel, get a massage, run on the beach, eat delicious seafood, maybe rent a stand up paddle board- all the good stuff in life! The Sailor is in the process of getting his fishing license, so he'll spend some time staring out at the ocean, casting away.

We're planning to take the ferry over to St. John to visit my bestie one day (yeah, she lives there...I miss her to pieces, but so happy she's living the dream!)  Once on St. John, we'll rent snorkel gear and clear bottom kayaks from none other than St. John Beach Bum-- the shop my bestie and her significant other run right near the ferry dock! We'll probably pop over to one of the beaches I visited back in June and explore new spots accompanied by our very own personal guide. 

Annndd while we're only going to be in the islands for four full days, I'd love to check out Anegada Island near Tortola, described as a "middle-of-nowhere, out-of-the-way-yet-inviting" "magical place." It's teeny tiny, 11 miles by 3 miles, with only 200 residents in town, but it's supposed to be spectacularly beautiful and unspoiled, with the inner island populated by exotic birds, and salt ponds inhabited by roseate flamingos that have been restored to the island.


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