23 October 2014

Best Fall Boots

Nope, this is not another blogger round-up of the best boots. And despite the title, it's not about cowboy boots, which you can read about here, here or here. It's my five star review of the Frye Jackie Gore Stitching Horse, the single best boot for the fall.

For the longest time, I've coveted the classic Frye Harness boots but couldn't justify buying them. I'd probably wear the harness boots with boot cut jeans and on occasions that I'd otherwise wear cowboy boots. Given the option, I'd wear cowboy boots every single time.

I knew that when fall arrived, I'd be wearing skinny jeans.My dilemma: I can't wear cowboy boots with skinnies and I struggle with tall leather boots. I love the look of tall leather boots. On other people. Tall boots with skinny jeans on me- not so much.  The solution: A bootie. Seemed simple enough, but I tried on no fewer than four styles of the Frye booties before settling on the Jackie Gore Stitching for comfort and style.

In addition to being almost as comfortable as my cowboy boots, they're really versatile. I can wear them with skinny jeans, tights, leggings, cropped boyfriend jeans.


The quality is just what I expected from Frye too- durable and so well made- and the sole and heel have enough rubber to provide traction that many leather soled boots lack. It's no surprise why this company has been around for almost 150 years!

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