08 April 2014

Life Lately

Busy weekend wrapped up around here...We packed in a lot of fun activities which made it seem gloriously long! I started out early Saturday morning with my new favorite breakfast. Ezekial 7 sprouted grains bread topped with 1/4 avocado, fat free shredded cheddar, an egg and salsa. Toast with smashed avocado is no new thing, but it's become ridiculously popular on instagram and food blogs lately-- and with good reason. The combination is so simple and packed with nutrients. Avocados have twice the potassium of bananas and have healthy monosaturated fat, which curbs hunger. Plus they have fiber and can lower bad cholesterol.

Fortified for my road trip, I headed off to visit friends and attend a birthday party in Connecticut. Nineteen munchkins ranging in age 2 to 5 demanded that I kept up my strength! The venue: A nature center complete with taxidermied animals, reptiles and insects. The kids were SO brave -- They couldn't get enough of this corn snake and all wanted to pet the hissing cockroach (gasp!) that the nature guide next held. Not this girl! I couldn't get far enough away from the action. 


After the animal demo, we all took a walk through the very muddy woods. It was pretty chilly, so we didn't see any wildlife. But the kids loved it anyway. 


Although Saturday was really windy, the weather forecast for Sunday looked to be perfect for skiing-- sunny and mid-40s. So, we made one last trip to the mountain for the season and got in a few runs before the snow got too soft to ski. Finding a women's golf league is on my agenda for this week. Feels like spring has finally arrived!  

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