17 January 2014

Friday Fancy: Plum Pretty Sugar

I'm the first one to admit that I can be pretty girly at times.

So I was immediately in love with the very feminine sleepwear and apparel at Plum Pretty Sugar. The breezy lounge pants, romantic-patterned robes and chic cami gowns not only look beautiful but also comfortable. Wearing them would make me want to stay in my jammies all day...which I suppose is really no different than any other day, but I'd look a whole lot better wearing these than the usual not-so-hot old flannels. 

Even the pattern names scream "Pretty Girl!"... Pink Love Poppy, Sweet Love and Yonderflies, Imogen Whisked Afloat, Viviette Encounters a Lark. 

Some of the styles walk a fine line between sleepwear and apparel, but this kimono dress/robe and spaghetti strap dress seem like pieces that that would transition to the outside world. There's no question whether they'd work as "dresses" for those lucky southern belles in the warmer climates! 

As for here in New England, this tunic would probably be a little more appropriate for a spring day or summer evening. 

My favorite dress from Plum Pretty Sugar reminds me of the Jules Reid maxi I longed for and finally bought last spring. This dress is more flowey and forgiving than the figure-hugging Jules Reid maxi. Plus this one has an interchangeable mix-and-match sash, and it's machine washable. 

Soooo, if there are any guys that actually read beyond the pink and sparkly image, file Plum Pretty Sugar away in your memory for your sweetie. Hint, hint- A very special holiday is coming up in less than a month! (Note: Hint is not applicable to the Sailor. I think my Valentine's Day 'surprise' might be a new down parka to keep me warm, which probably is more of a gift for him since it will stop all some of my complaining about the cold!) 

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