20 June 2012

Three things I am loving now...

In the midst of moving, it's been tough trying to put together a real meal. Last night, I worked late while the Sailor headed to the new homestead to do some painting and other chores. So I was on my own for dinner.

I haven't had a frozen meal in forever-- Pre-Sailor/bachelorette days, I lived on 'em. That's of course  when I "cooked"dinner rather than having a microwaved bag of kettle corn or a frozen bagel popped in the toaster. On the days I felt like I needed a balanced diet, I'd have part of a baguette, tomato and cheddar.

Last night, I grabbed a Healthy Choice meal to zap. Maybe I was just starving but I found it ever so tasty! I mean, it wasn't restaurant quality food or anything, but I give Healthy Choice Top Chef Cafe Steamers chicken linguine with red pepper alfredo two thumbs up. The red pepper sauce had a  little zing, and the broccoli tasted surprisingly fresh. At 260 calories, 28 g carbs, and 22 g protein, it was super-delish.

Freeze It hair spray- Grabbed a bottle of Freeze It at the drugstore. Again, it was something to suffice for 'hair product' while we're in moving mode. Total bargain at less than $5. Plus, the company has partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and part of their sales go to support breast cancer research.  It smells great and has perhaps the strongest hold of any hair spray I've ever used. Windy days on the boat will no longer mean out-of-control hair!

Trina Turk for Banana Republic- I'm a pretty frequent shopper at Banana (though not quite as often as before we bought the house), and the brand forged a brilliant strategic relationship by partnering with Trina Turk for a limited edition collection. Banana knows its customers. First, it offered the Mad Men inspired wear this winter. And, now, for the summer-- what's better than a collection for 'cocktails by the pool kind of culture'???

Life's been so busy that I haven't yet had the chance to check out the Trina Turk collection in person. But here are a couple of pieces I'm coveting from the online site:

Swirl Bracelet $45

Tunic $120

"With a colorful tunic, a wide brim printed hat, sunglasses, sandals and sunscreen, I'm ready for the beach. Summer style should be sexy and confidently sophisticated, but not fussy." - Trina Turk

Although Trina's retail empire includes apparel, jewelry, accessories, Mr. Turk and home decor items, some of my favorite prints and pieces are in her swimwear line. Trina Turk first introduced her swimwear collection in 2005, and now, add to it the bandeau top and bikini bottom in the Coachella print from the Banana Republic collection.

Trina's swimwear comes in so many vibrant patterns that it's difficult to pick just one favorite. I'm still drawn to the Marrakesh Express, which debuted a couple of seasons ago. And it just so happens to be on sale now!

Neiman Marcus, $51-76

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