14 January 2012


FINALLY! Over the summer, I had grand plans of brightening up our living room with new curtains. I looked everywhere for the perfect pre-made chevron patterned curtains with zero success. So, I ambitiously went to work buying fabric, pulling out and setting up the old sewing machine...Very reminiscent of when I sewed curtains and matching pillows for our dorm room back in college. Really spruced up the place. Kind-of.

Then, I realized why it had been so long since I'd last sewn. The sewing machine whirred and whined, announcing it was busted. Anyway, to make a long story short, I just recently found some affordable alternatives at Urban Outfitters to incorporate the zig zag pattern into our home decor.

While there aren't any curtains in the color I originally wanted, there's no shortage of other items from which to choose:

Zig Zag Duvet (A steal at $99 for a king size)

This orange chevron rug will go perfectly with all of our bright orange and red LeCreuset pots and pans in our kitchen:

This aqua shower curtain would brighten up any bathroom...Also comes in dreary gray. 

If you haven't noticed, ORANGE tends to be my color of choice when it comes to clothing, coats, totes, shoes and jewelry. It's a happy color, and I want to use more of it in our place. This chair could do the trick if it came in mandarin, Valencia, tangerine, apricot, coral, carrot, flame, or any similar shade. 

Although some of the interior design blogs say the chevron pattern is so yesterday, I think it's a classic and can't get enough of it!

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