10 April 2011

19th Hole

This weekend, all of the talk is about The Masters. That's exciting for me because I actually can participate in the conversation. It's not that I know anything about golf, but  it's certainly easier to follow than football, and less painful to watch than baseball, where they do the same thing over and over and over again. Oh, and it's generally played in places that have spectacular scenery.

I even have a favorite golfer- Phil Mickelson. The Sailor (a Tiger fan), says Phil is "boring." I like him because he seems like a genuinely nice guy and a good husband. I was particularly impressed with him when he suspended his travel on the 2009 PGA tour until his, Amy, was well enough to travel with him after being diagnosed with breast cancer. And if that makes him boring...so be it.

Last summer, I made it my goal to learn how to play golf. I came a wee-bit-short of accomplishing it, but I was assured that there are many people who spend their entire lives learning how to play. I'm going to take it up again this summer, commit to lessons  at Top of the World Golf Resort and hopefully be able to beat the Sailor by the end of the summer! With views like this at the course, I imagine it might be difficult to focus on my golf game-- in which case,  I'll be doing a lot of basking in the sun and daydreaming.

Regardless of how my game progresses, I am going to look the part. I'll be sure to plan my outfits out in advance since there are so many options for women golfers now!



Golf 2

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