09 October 2010

Boho-Chic Wardrobe Inspiration

So excited to see one of my favorite fashion designers featured in Fashion Washington Fall Style. Jules Reid, stockbroker turned interior designer turned fashion designer, features bold colors and whimsical prints inspired from her travels.

With sheer, flowey fabric, who wouldn't love to wear this kimono from the JR summer collection on a hot day? Makes me long for sunshine, shades and a cocktail.

The "Beatrice" caftan was tops on my summer wardrobe wish list. The delicate embrodery at the sleeves and hem gives it a feminine touch. The Sailor disagreed that it invoked any sense of femininity or romanticism, so it unfortunately didn't make it to my closet this summer. 

The textures, designs and colors featured in Jules' new fall/winter 2010 collection offer a pleasant change from the drab shades and heavy weight fabric worn by most of us in the colder months. 

From the fall collection....The 1950's-inspired McPherson is a homage to Mad Men, a show that I still haven't watched despite the near-cult following of its viewership. Check out the combination of the elegant floor-length bell skirt with the vintage daisy print.


Jules keeps vibrant turquoise and regal colored purple among the bright palette of colors in the fall/winter collection. 

And, last but not least, this PINK opera coat with a bold tiger print can only be worn by someone who dares. I'm thinking that I could would never be able to pull this look off, even if worn with jeans and a body suit underneath. But a girl can dream...

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