07 October 2010

258 Days...of F-U-N

I'm still mourning the end of summer and all things that bring joy to my life during those months. In an attempt to combat the dreaded deep depression that sets in with the frigid Northeast winters, the Sailor and I spent an evening working on an agenda of F-U-N activities for the 258 days between now and the advent of summer on June 22, 2011.

We kicked off that agenda last Saturday morning with a run up Deer Leap, an old horse trail, on Tongue Mountain. An uphill fun run? Depends on who you ask. The view certainly made it worth the trip though.

At the top of the wooded overlook, the Sailor spotted a small plastic box containing a visitors log, handcarved stamp and a website referencing letterboxing. Although we'd heard of friends and their families geo-caching -- using high tech GPS devices to find "hidden treasures," letterboxing was new to us. But it's apparently been around for quite a long time.

According to the Letterboxing website, "Letterboxing is said to have started in England in 1854 when a Dartmoor National Park guide, James Perrott of Chagford, left a bottle by Cranmere Pool with his calling card in it an an invitation to those who found the bottle to add theirs. Eventually, visitors began leaving a self-addressed post card or note in the jar, hoping for them to be returned by mail by the next visitor. It caught on in the US in 1998 after an article appeared in the Smithsonian magazine."

After our run, we set out on the boat with a picnic lunch and hot toddies to watch the Sailor's friends compete in the Changing of the Colors regatta on Lake George. With nearly seventy boats and a fair amount of wind, we got to see a couple of minor collisions and some boats get stuck on the mark. Exciting to watch for me, nerve-wracking to watch for any one who actually knows about sailing.

We finished up our first Saturday of fall fun at Oktoberfest, where I indulged in wienerschnitzel and Spaten. Good thing I got in my excercise early in the day. There was no way I could dance off all those calories to Oompah music!  

Come to the bier fest!

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