17 September 2010

Got Mail?

In the age of electronic communication, email, IM, DM, chat, it's rare to receive a handwritten note in the mail. There are few things however that express that you care enough about someone to spend the time not only selecting beautiful paper or a pretty card but also that you took the time to handwrite it.

"A sealed envelope captures the moment in time that you thought of your friend, acquaintance, love and sat down to share your gratitude. We live in an impersonal world. Phone calls end, emails disappear, texts drop spare change compared to the riches of sending stationery, ink, signature, and a piece of your time they can hold and read and read again."
Annabel Clarke Mackay, The Paperqueen

As The Captain can attest, I could spend hours (maybe even days) wandering stationery and specialty paper stores. In the early days of our engagement, he was very patient and attentive when accompanying me to one of my favorite stores, Paper Source in Georgetown. He reserved comment or judgment (i.e. no rolling of the eyes or deep exasperated sighs) while I weighed the pros and cons of using moss or rouge ink to stamp on our wedding invitation envelopes. And then, should we use the fluid chalk ink or traditional dye inkpads?

Owning a fancy paper store/ bookstore is one of my dream businesses. There are so many vendors that use color and design in fun ways, and print on textured or heavy weight paper that states quality. Some of my favorites for personalized paper:

Boatman Geller Pink Rugby
Boatman Geller Chinoisserie
No monogram/personalization, so they don't require special order: Vera Bradley  (Blue Rhapsody Desk Set)

and Lilly Pulitzer (Correspondence Cards)
Personalized Lilly stationery available from Fine Stationery

If you want sassy, chic, couture, elegant, Coco, SoHo or endless other choices visit The Paperqueen to select an illustration, monogram or personal message.

Front Porch Studio can help create individual logos, monograms or stationery. Marked by sweet southern charm and kindness, owner Jessica Graves is a design genius!

So, check out the sites listed here or visit a local card shop. Find a pattern and paper that exude your personal brand, buy a nice pen and let those special people in your life know that they are important to you. It will make their day. 

"Like the perfect pair of shoes, a gorgeous piece of jewelry, a remarkable tie or handbag, the personal stationery you send communicates something special about you - your extraordinary taste and unique sense of style." William Arthur Fine Stationery

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