17 November 2016

Tiny Twinkle Toes

I am waaaay behind on my Christmas shopping this year. By this time in years past, I would have been about 50% done. I love to have most of my shopping done ahead of time so that I can enjoy the holiday season doing Christmas-y stuff-- baking cookies (eating cookies), listening to Christmas music, drinking cocoa or my favorite Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, staring at the twinkling lights on the tree, and catching up with friends. It really is a magical time of year if you can slow down and be in the moment rather than trying to cross things off of your to-do list frantically.

Christmas 2015

Despite getting a late start on shopping, I can say that Santa's sack will be filled with presents for Sweet P. There's no shortage of gifts already purchased for the kiddo including far too many pairs of shoes. I bought the fourth pair for her today. Tiny shoes are just so cute that I can't stop myself!

YS are the most comfy shoes! After she opens these, 
we'll be wearing our Mommy-and-Me matching flats together! 

Wish I could take credit for this find! But Dada picked out these violet kicks.

These $15 knock-offs come at a price point that doesn't hurt 
when she grows out of them in another month or so! 

Annnd you know it's time to stop with the shoes when you buy 
THREE pair in similar colors! Just realized that the 
YS, mocs and Robeez are all similar shades of gold/beige! 

But there's one last pair I need to get for her. Pip outgrew her snuggle little Uggs, so the UPS man will be making at least one more delivery of shoes to our house before Christmas!

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