16 October 2013

In the Bag: Field Goods

The Sailor and I generally eat pretty healthy meals. At least Monday through Friday. Lean and green are the guidelines when it comes to weeknight cooking.

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I usually do the grocery shopping and meal planning for the week, and I must confess that the entree rotation is not always to the Sailor's liking. There are certain things he just won't eat. I've convinced him that ground turkey is almost as tasty as ground beef. But he still won't touch PB2 or facon. 

As far as sides, we have a salad at least three times a week along with a vegetable that's usually frozen in the winter or freshly grilled/sauteed/baked in the summer. Standard fare. But we've decided to mix up the menu after hearing about Field Goods.

Field Goods offers subscriptions for weekly deliveries of local farm-fresh produce. Each week, your Field Goods bag contains six-eight different types of fresh fruits and vegetables -- things that you typically might not pick up at the store-- and they drop it off at a location you select. For an added charge, customers can add locally baked breads, cheeses and herbs to their bag of fruits and veggies.

The usual suspects in our veggie drawer, including zucchini, carrots and broccoli, are looking a bit boring in comparison to what we're getting from Field Goods this week. We're expecting red cabbage, mizuna and leeks, among other things. Fortunately for this unskilled chef, Field Goods sends a weekly newsletter with three or four recipes explaining how to prepare each item. 

Mizuna is an Asian green similar to arugula, but less spicy. Mizuna makes great bedding for meat and chicken as it has a nice crunch and peppery kick. We recommend that you also toss it in with your salad mix or try as a pesto. Can be cooked or eaten raw. 

So far, Field Goods has over 1,000 customers receiving produce from 30 local farms. We're anxiously awaiting Friday for our first delivery of goodness! 

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