15 October 2012

On my agenda

Won't be too long now before winter is upon us here in the northeast...But, in the meantime, we've been trying to appreciate the splendor of autumn. The colors have been absolutely beautiful in the Adirondacks.

After two years (!), the Sailor finally got his bike tire fixed. So, we took a ride up at "camp" last weekend.

We also took our last boat ride of the season, which is always sad. It was a (chilly) sunny day, so I was able to catch a few rays though.

My happy place

I also spent far too much time reading Everyday Occasions written by Jenny Hobick. It's a little Martha Stewart-esque, meaning it's all about decorating, cleaning, cooking, entertaining and travel. But Jenny has projects that have a big impact on the 'cozy' and 'charming' qualities of a home, and most projects seemingly can be completed in a short time, like this Utility/Laundry Room makeover. I would love our laundry room to be this functional and organized! That's on my agenda for next weekend...

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