03 May 2012

Only Half Crazy

Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt. Well, it unfortunately wasn't a very nice t-shirt. So we just might have to do it again...

Okay welcome sign but not my FAVORITE Lake George sign

When we signed up for the Lake George Half Marathon a few months ago, the Sailor was all about the t-shirt. Rather the performance techwick t-shirt. So he was quite disappointed when we showed up to get our Race Day packets and we received paper thin, horrendously ugly t-shirts that were literally from Walmart. We found out later that the t-shirt company that the organizers ordered from went out of business prior to the race. It was a bad sign.

But things quickly turned around during our pre-race night dinner. As all serious runners do, we carbo loaded to be sure that we'd have enough energy to make it to the end. The Sailor tested out the Kitchen Aid pasta maker attachment that he wanted to register for when we got married. He used the recipe that came in the box with the attachment, and I give it two thumbs up!

My very own Mario Batali. Orange crocs and all...


I was anticipating that the weather on race day would add to the challenge--  Reports from last year's race said that the temperature was near freezing, and runners wore trash bags to stay dry from the sleet and freezing rain. No thank you.

The alarm went off at 6 AM on race day, but I'd already been awake for hours, mentally preparing myself  worrying about what was to come. The weather was indeed chilly, but the sky was bright blue. And there was very little wind that morning. Hooray!

Then, the Sailor came into the kitchen playing this song... We were ready!

...or so I thought until I got in line for the porta potty just before the race.  The woman behind me was super chatty and just happened to mention that she trains for tri's. But she'd taken some time off from that to do century bike rides. I was definitely intimidated and doubting that I'd come anywhere close to being prepared. Too late to worry about that though!

I convinced the Sailor to run with me after lots of pleading-- I knew I needed him next to me for support! The first few miles flew by, and our time was 15-20 seconds faster than I'd hoped. We passed our small cheering section, my parents, around mile 6. I had a couple of orange Gatorade chews for a sugar rush somewhere in there, and I was pleasantly surprised after only having the Power Bar chews in training up to that point. The Gatorade chews are soft and easy to get down. Plus, they taste like orange pop cycles!

I was feeling good at the turnaround near mile 7, which was in front of the Lake George Club where we got married...and spend lots of time...re-hydrating... every summer. That gave me a little boost (or distraction) through mile 8.

And then I fizzled between 8 and 10. There were a couple of killer hills, and despite the Sailor's goal to run the whole thing, I did have to walk a few steps...before he yelled at me to get going. It was exactly what I needed. I choked out a "help" or "wait," and there he was getting me through it.

I expected to be exuberant the last 1/4 mile or so --almost there-- but there was a HILL on the way to the finish line. I was exhausted, no juice left. at. all. He must have seen the signs of defeat on my face because the Sailor grabbed my hand and led me to the finish line...or pulled me across the finish line.

When we were engaged, the Sailor and I were at a wedding, seated next to a couple at a that had been married for forty years or some crazy number. I asked the wife about the secret to staying together for so long, and she replied very simply, "Pick the right person." I sure did.

Thanks to all of my friends, my parents and The Sailor for all of the words of encouragement and helping me cross that one off the bucket list! xoxo

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