13 April 2012

Spoiler Alert...Master Bedroom Decor

For the past couple of years while we've been apartment dwellers, I've really tried to refrain from buying any housewares or home decorating items. Mostly it was because I didn't want to waste money on something that would temporarily fit in with the decor of our apartment, but also because The Sailor doesn't like all of the cutesy, holiday decorations (i.e. Snowbabies, shamrock wreaths, orange glitter pumpkins)and knick-knacks that make a house a home.

But now that we are soon-to-be homeowners, I can't hold myself back from decorating any longer! I really (honest) have tried to limit what I've bought for the house in advance of moving in. There are a few things I've gone ahead with though...

The light oak furniture in our bedroom will be undergoing a transformation. Maybe even this weekend if we're feeling very motivated. After reading so much about Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint, which requires no priming and looks vintage-y, I ordered a quart of Old White. Hopefully, it looks more white than gray and doesn't look quite so old when we open it up to paint the dressers.

And I just found a blog post from The Purple Painted Lady that explains how to get a super-smooth finish using fine sandpaper before waxing. Her blog features furniture she's painted with Annie Sloan's like this amazing before and after:

 Theeeeennnn (if I don't lose interest in the project-- DNF is my middle-name when it comes to stuff like this), we're going to apply O'verlays or decorative fretwork panels like the ones below to update the dresser drawers.

It's all seemingly very easy. The o'verlays can be painted with plain old spray paint. Then, they're put on with liquid nails and small brads... We shall see... We have two dressers and 11 drawers to do.

I'm still trying to finalize a decision on two matching night stands for the master bedroom. I'm leaning toward a mirrored style. If you'd ever asked me if I'd consider putting "mirrored" anything in my house before I started reading design blogs, I would have scoffed at the idea. I'm a little concerned that they're very trendy and will go out of style quickly. But Target makes an inexpensive "glass accent table" (not a mirrored night stand) that's in the queue. And if I hate it in two years, I can give it to Goodwill.

And one non-necessity that's going on the wish list ... a chaise for our perfect little window nook.

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