24 November 2011

Counting My Blessings

I am thankful for my husband, who brings me joy and makes life worthwhile.

I am thankful for my parents, who love me unconditionally and who have always put my happiness and best interest above all else.

I am thankful to have a job that's (somewhat) stable, doesn't stress me out and allows me the time to do the things I love outside of work.

I am thankful to live in a country that values freedom (I can do and say what I want, within reason, and so can those Occupy protesters- even if most of us still don't understand what exactly it is that they want).

I'm thankful for this guy... Big 'tude and all.

I am thankful for my physical and mental health, because without it, everything else becomes that much more of a challenge.

I am thankful for friends who care about me and support me in all that I do.

I am thankful for an academic education that gives me the skills to reason and think logically (sometimes).

Remember to count your blessings today! Happy Thanksgiving!

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