16 September 2011

Ten Tablescapes

In an ideal world, I would have planned a not-to-be-missed, end-of-summer, frou-frou, girls-only champagne brunch this weekend, in follow-up to hubby's pig party last weekend. However, two things stopped me: (1) No space to host; and (2) Brunch=Food=Cooking=Disaster.

Leaving those facts aside, if I had planned to host a brunch, the menu might include: 

Sweet Maine blueberry cupcakes topped with a light amber maple vanilla buttercream and homemade cinnamon sugar donuts (That's right-- a donut on top of a cupcake! Heaven!)

I could go on and on with what would be on the menu- Breakfast/ brunch is my favorite meal of the day, after all.

Even if the food was a disaster, I would make up for it by setting a gorgeous table and serving killer bellinis.

Designed by Eddie Ross, this is my #1 favorite. Love the pop of turquoise.

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